About us

Nissen Christmas Trees is owned and farmed by Anders and Amanda Nissen. We’re based at Balbeuchley, our family farm in Angus, Scotland.

The farm’s climate, soil and drainage is perfect for growing superior quality Christmas Trees and each is cultivated with expertise and care. Our main plantations are at Balbeuchley and our neighbouring farm, Balmuir. We have further plantations in the North East of Scotland. Originally hailing from Denmark, we bought the main farm Balbeuchley from Anders‚ parents, Soren and Susanne Nissen, in 2006.

Soren and Susanne are Christmas Tree growers in Denmark: they recognised the unique climate of Scotland’s Angus hills and had the foresight to expand their Danish production into Scotland, originally planting out Balbeuchley in the 1980s. Christmas Trees have been the family business for more than four decades and Anders’ family still produces excellent quality trees in Denmark at the family home farm to this day.

Originally Highland Nordmann Fir Ltd, our company started planting trees in 2003. We re-launched in 2018 as Nissen Christmas Trees and now plant around 150,000 trees every year and have over 1 million trees in cultivation.

We pride ourselves on growing superior quality Christmas Trees benefiting from over 40 years of growers, knowledge and expertise. We aim to provide an efficient, no nonsense service, building long-term relationships with our customers so that we can tailor our service and orders to their needs.

Nissen Christmas Trees is set apart from our competitors because we’re big enough to provide a significant quantity of premium quality trees but small enough to farm our crop ourselves, thereby maintaining attention to details and looking after our customers with a real hands on service. Every decision is made by us ensuring quick response times. We keep on top of every detail to deliver not only exceptional customer service but also unrivaled production efficiency and an outstanding quality of product.